Several times a year I organize a Resonance workshop-weekend, in which the balance exercises are taught and performed together. There is also room for individual playing sessions in the presence of the group. In two days we pay attention to:

  • Connection between movement and sound quality through balance exercises
  • Awareness of the whole body and its musicality
  • Breaking free from learned postures/patterns through balancing
  • Expressing authentic emotion in the sound waves and enjoying a meaningful connection with the audience
  • Practicing effectively and with inspiration
  • Dealing with mental pressure (stage fright, exam/audition stress)

For whom?

For musicians of all instruments, singers and speakers (students, professionals or advanced amateurs). You need no prior knowledge or experience in body methods. So far, musicians of the following instruments have participated in my workshops:
violin, viola, cello, double bass, trombone, vibraphone, drums, piano, vocals (jazz and classical), rap

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Testimonials of participants

workshop participants, summer 2020
workshop participants, spring 2020
workshop during International Viola Congress 2018

In early 2022, I was invited to give a workshop at the membership day of the European String Teachers Association (ESTA) in the Netherlands. An interested group of string teachers were introduced to the Resonanzlehre. Many were excited to be able to apply elements of the teaching in their teaching practice. Violin teacher Rolf Buijs also participated and wrote a report (in Dutch) of the workshop in the ESTA magazine ‘Arco’.