Sound-body training for musicians, singers and speakers
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Who am I? read more
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Who am I ?

I am Yanna Pelser, Resonance trainer and performing musician. As a trainer, I work with musicians who want to play effortlessly and with vivid expression.
In every body there is a natural connection between hearing and movement that allows you to move freely and effortlessly. Because of learned thinking/movement patterns, this natural connection can be clouded.
For many years I have been helping people to rediscover and actively apply their natural sound-balance-movement system (also called “audio motorics”). I do this by teaching the balancing movement quality of the Resonanzlehre. When musicians can let the natural balance work for them, and let themselves be guided by the sound, unfavorable and disturbing patterns and blockages naturally fade away. Space is created for expression in sound, which is why we make music.
I give private sessions as well as workshops to groups and ensembles/orchestras.

I work with musicians who want to:

  • move freely and effortlessly
  • improve their sound
  • break free from unfavorable physical and mental patterns/blockages
  • increase their musical expression audibly
  • have more confidence in moments of pressure (stage fright, auditions, exams)
  • learn to practice effectively and with inspiration