Resonance training

A two-day workshop for musicians and singers/speakers

25 & 26 february 2023, 10:00-16:00
  • Batavierhuis
  • Pieter de Hoochweg 108
  • 3024 BH Rotterdam

RESONANCE TRAINING is a sound oriented training for musicians of all instruments and singers/speakers (students, professionals or advanced amateurs). How do you move your body in such a way, that your feeling for the music is truly expressed in your sound? Without effort, with a feeling of limitless freedom? In this workshop, guided by certified Resonance trainer Yanna Pelser, you will learn what the impact of physical freedom can be on your playing. And vice versa: what the perception of sound can do with the quality of your body movements. Hearing and moving go hand in hand for the musician, and can never be seperated from eachother when we do body work.

The sound is the best choreographer for musical body movement. Through this training we make the body more receptive to sound through physical body exercises and sound awareness. Basic tools are hearing and body balance.

WHY BALANCE? The balance organ connects the ear to all muscles in the body. By moving our body parts in a balancing way, the connection between hearing and movement is intensified and synchronized. Balance gives us as musicians the possibility to create an open sound which is rich in resonance and has space for expression.

WHY RESONANCE? Through resonance we can communicate the emotion of the music: we put everything in and around us, including our audience, into motion/vibration


  • Awareness of the whole body and its musicality
  • Sense for the relation between sound, room and body
  • Effortless music-making means a resonant sound
  • How to deal with pressure or stress on stage
  • Open more and more the own musical potential
  • How can we optimize the way we practice?

In the workshop we do the exercises together with the whole group. There is also room for individual sessions in front of the group. The advantage of this is that participants get the chance to experience the work from two sides; both playing for a real audience and being the audience that experiences how the training affects the playing of others.
You need no prior knowledge or experience in body methods.

The costs for the workshop-weekend:
Regular: € 190
Student: € 140
Prices are excluded 21% VAT
Accomodation and lunch not included